Mulch can add greater flexibility and a creative appeal to your area.  Our mulch is safe for kids, pets and the environment.  Our mulches will last a year or so and can be ordered in a variety of woods that have been ground, sized and dyed for your special needs.  With up to three-shredded mulch criteria, our mulch is high-binding with maximum wind and erosion resistance in our local area.

Our Great America, Cypress Mulch also retains less moisture than other mulches.

We can supply any request for your mulching needs: 

  • Nursery Products for Your Plants

  • Landscaping Beds and Shrubbery

  • Playground or Cushion Area

  • Compost

How to Mulch

  1.  One or two weeks before mulching – spray beds for weeds.

  2. Use a tarp to unload your mulch on concrete to prevent discoloring.  You can always unload on a grassy area or bare surface.

  3. Clean out your beds.  Rake out all leaves, twigs and branches.

  4. Spread your mulch – spread your mulch up to four inches for best coverage and longevity.  Slope it away from structures for proper water runoff.

  5. Don’t water your mulch – if you can avoid water up to 48 hours on your freshly spread mulch to let it dry and settle.

  6. Clean up your tools – especially is you are using colored mulch to prevent discoloring.

  7. Clean area where the mulch was originally placed.  If the mulch was placed on concrete and some overflowed, it may discolor – so do it as soon as possible.

  8. After a few weeks, check the mulch for compaction.  Use a rake to loosen it up.  A couple of inches annually can brighten your landscaped area.